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           Providing Tiny home Eco housing.


WEforce is a simple concept that emphasizes the belief, WE all can play a part in a sustainable and stable environment by investing in our children experiencing, "fluid living conditions."

Together, WE are a force that can help stabilize and help a and encourage them to reach or maintain a grade level performance in school.  Provide a place to call home until more permanent housing is achieved.  Dreams will not be sidelined, hopes eclipsed or inspiration delayed, that is not ok.


What kids can accomplished will not be sacrificed because of lack of basic housing beyond their control.  Safe Harbor, is the part WE can play. 

A clean and sober, spirit filled place to bridge that gap caused by not having basic needs and hopefully, break the cycle of homelessness.


 After all, aren't we here just to walk each other home.  

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