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The Story

Stressed Woman

The Story

Robin Moore, CEO

I can't tell my story without telling her story, a young woman from Fort Worth, Texas.  One of seven children born to parents who worked in the cottonfields of Texas.

     Irene Richardson Thomas Lincoln, my mother, found time to dream.  She dreamt of being a nurse and became one.  She dreamt of so many things and tried her best to achieve each one. 


Thank you for lending me your dreams momma and encouraging your children to follow theirs.

    The ideology that powers WEforce is the dynamic when people come together for a cause backed by action, they are a force.  An organization of possibilities.  An agency of advocates that will support it's surrounding community and beyond.  Trusting God that all things are possible.

     So thankful to the many volunteers, change makers, prayer warriors, and the many hands working on our maiden project, Safe Harbor.  


Connections create community.  In part I am inspired by my late friend and mentor, Evangelist Thomas Hogue.  He encouraged me to step out on faith and not fear to do my part. 


Many, many others have spoke and are still speaking into my life and the lives of others.  Its our turn, so lets get to work. 

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